Untitled from A24 (2017)

I have no idea what this trailer is, but I am very intrigued. Also I happen to be a sucker for the mystery box, so this mysterious trailer has that going for it. A24 is a company that is standing atop the film distribution market as maybe the very best working today, and for them to tease us with such strangeness is definitely something we should all sit up and take notice of.

For those of you wondering what I am talking about, A24 is the company that brought us Moonlight and The Lobster (once which will probably take home at least several Oscars in a month’s time.) but more importantly for us Morbidites is that this the company that brought us TUSK (I don’t care how bad this film is, it’s still great.), THE GREEN ROOM (possibly my favorite film of the year. RIP Anton Yelchin and thank you Patrick Stewart for being so amazingly despicable) and THE WITCH (one of my other favorite films of the year, what a trip!).

A24 will also be releasing what is almost guaranteed to be my favorite film of the year, FREE FIRE—the next film from visionary director Ben Wheatley.