The Witch (2016)

The Witch looks to be the horror movie of the year. It came through the festival season last eyar with rave reviews and its release was moved up a week recently, all of which point to a special film.

Here is a synopsis: Set in New England circa 1630, The Witch follows a farmer who get cast out of his Colonial plantation and is forced to move his family to a remote plot of land on the edge of an ominous forest rumored to be controlled by witches. Almost immediately, strange and unsettling things begin to happen–the animals turn violent, the crops fail, and one of the children disappears, only to return seemingly possessed by an evil spirit.  As suspicion and paranoia mount, everyone begins to point the finger at teenage daughter Thomasin. They accuse her of witchcraft, which she adamantly denies… but as circumstances become more and more treacherous, each family member’s faith, loyalty, and love will be tested in shocking and unforgettable ways.

I know. I know. That was pretty incredible right? Creepy, creepy, and more creepy and that goat…

For more creeptastic goodness check this one out when it comes out on February 19th.