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Call of Cthulhu Video Game Footage Revealed


Can you hear them chanting? You can, can’t you?

They won’t find us here, at least not for a while…they always find me though. In the end. There is no way to escape the inevitability of R’lyeh.


There it is again, the chanting. This time it is far closer than before and I fear that we must act…It’s too late. He stirs, waking from his aeons old death-slumber. When the stars are right, the sunken city of R-yleh will be newly risen from stygian depths. The world wails as apocalypse comes to it and its voice will be a chorus of bedlam sung by a billion voices in unison as the are consumed by despair, fear, madness, and finally by things with many teeth and claws and other appendages both squamous and rugose.

There’s a chance though, a slim though it might be, that you could save us all…

What was that? A vision of the future perhaps? Whatever that twisted nightmare foretells, it does not bode well for the investigator or heroes who might be set on saving the world.

We will find out later this year when Cyanide releases madness* upon the world!

For now though, I must end this missive abruptly. The chanting is now right outside my door and torch light is flickering in the windows…I fear they have found me, that they are here for me but you..they don’t know you….The door downstairs, I heard something stove in and I can hear some…thing slithering softly up the stairs..I have no more time! Here, hide here and I will be back as soon as I ca….I feel so strange, the chanting it’s in my mind. It is…eroding my soul but so help me I do not care. Go friend, save the world, or find a place to watch it end.

GO! GO NOW! LEAVE THIS PLACE AND NEVER LOOK BACK! No, I cannot come with you, my time is come, the chanting is for me and it signifies the end of life as I know it.

GO! GO! They are here now and I can hear what they are chanting clearly..

Ph’nglui Mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn

*The footage above comes from The Call of Cthulhu – The upcoming collaboration between Chaosium, Cyanide Games, and Focus Entertainment.