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Universal Halloween Horror Nights: The Shining House Reveal

“The Shining” maze at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights will provide guests with a unique opportunity to relive some of the film’s most iconic, and sinister, moments. While venturing through the eerie Overlook Hotel, guests will be thrust into the hotel’s tragic history of murder and madness, bearing witness to caretaker Jack Torrance’s spiraling descent into insanity. Nightmarish visions will come to life in this macabre maze, overwhelming guests with the “shine” of the murderous, ghostly entities that lurk around every turn – all while trying to escape the wrath of Jack Torrance as he violently succumbs to the hotel’s paranormal forces.

Universal Studios Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights begins September 14th. To help get ready, make sure to attend our screening of The Shining on June 16th!

The Shining (1980)


A masterpiece of modern horror

A family heads to an isolated hotel for the winter where an evil and spiritual presence influences the father into violence, while his psychic son sees horrific forebodings from the past and of the future.

The twenty-fifth film in the PALM BEACH COUNTY GRINDHOUSE SERIES is a special one-time screening of THE SHINING (1980) at Movies Of Lake Worth on FRIDAY, JUNE 16TH at 9:30PM. The first 100 attendees will get a Free Button courtesy of Cult, Horror & Sci-Fi Pins and there will be a raffle after the screening.

To celebrate our summer trip to the Overlook Hotel we will be raffling off 2 SHIRTS from SERIAL KILLER SHOP & 3 POSTERS from THE MONKEY’S PAW!

Raffle entry is FREE with the purchase of a THE SHINING movie ticket. Find us in the lobby before the movie to pick up your raffle ticket and the drawing will be held after the movie.

Enigma Haunt will be at this month’s screening of THE SHINING! You’ll be able to SIGN UP FOR OCTOBER & meet the staff! In addition to Shining shirts & posters we’ll be raffling off ENIGMA HAUNT TICKETS & SHIRTS!

Visit ENIGMAHAUNT.COM for more information about Enigma Haunt’s haunted attraction located in Boca Raton.


7380 Lake Worth Road
Lake Worth, FL 33467


Tickets are only $10 and will be available at the theater box office the day of the screening and online.

RSVP on Facebook & invite your friends!

Promoted by MORBID MOVIES, PALM BEACH COUNTY GRINDHOUSE is Exclusive, one-night-only screenings of cult horror films every month at the Movies of Lake Worth (Florida).

MORBID MOVIES is sponsored by Cult, Horror & Sci-Fi Pins. If your business is interested in advertising or sponsoring, email info@morbidmovies.com for details or visit our advertising page.

Serial Killer Shop T-Shirts (The Shining)

Serial Killer Shop specializes in Limited Edition Horror Tees but also includes True Crime and even Comedy designs.

They were nice enough to let us choose some products to review so we picked out two shirts based on The Shining, ‘Here’s Johnny’ and ‘Come Play With Us’.


The ‘Here’s Johnny’ shirt features a large print of Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance bursting through the doors of the Overlook Hotel. It’s a pretty menacing and iconic look and captured quite well as a shirt.

The ‘Come Play With Us’ shirt features a large print of The Shining’s Creepy twins on the front and a large dark bloody title on the back of the shirt. The artwork for the twins is fantastic, the blank faces give it an extra layer of creepy.


Serial Killer Shop’s shirts are printed with a water based ink that soaks into the shirt instead of being screened on top of it. The design remains bright without making the shirt uncomfortable to wear because of the thickness of the print.

The shirts themselves are a light-weight pre-shrunk 90% cotton blend.


Serial Killer Shop included some pretty awesome bonus items with the order. Large stickers from American Psycho and Friday the 13th and a pair of magnets with the American Psycho design and Freddy Krueger.




Both shirts are well designed and high quality prints. If you’re looking for exclusive limited run horror and crime shirts, i’d recommend checking out Serial Killer Shop.

Visit Serial Killer Shop at serialkillershop.com and follow them on FacebookInstagram,  & Twitter.

Disclosure: Complimentary T-Shirts were given for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

The Chickening (Short Film)

Jack Torrance takes a new job as senior chief night manager for “Charbay’s Chicken World” — a stateoftheart, volcanofried, fast food poultry production facility and resort strategically built on an active volcano. Jack travels to the remote facility with his wife, Wendy, and 42yearold manchild son, Danny. During orientation, Mansturd Nurlman (regional manager of Charbay’s) mentions a new experimental product that is currently under development: “The Shiny” — a brand new BBQ sauce created in the research laboratory deep within the radioactive volcano. Strange things start happening to Jack after he tries the sauce, and he slowly begins morphing into a chicken creature and becomes unstable and aggressive.

Scatmok (a hyperdimensional alien) conspires with Danny and his little friend Tony (a snarky Italian man who happens to be Danny’s index finger) to steal the recipe for “The Shiny” but their plan is compromised when they realize the horrific side effects of the experimental BBQ sauce. Danny and Scatmok decide they must destroy the BBQ sauce pipeline in order to stop the spread of this condition that has mutated Danny’s father.

Meanwhile Jack has learned some of the restaurant’s darkest secrets from some of the other employees, including a potential cure for his condition. In the end, the restaurant is destroyed in a spectacular exploding BBQ sauce conflagration, with Wendy, Danny, Tony, Scatmok and a now cured but frozen solid Jack, who grumpily curses his former employers as they drive off in the BeakMachine into the sunset.

The Chickening is the first of its kind in remixed, augmented cinema. It is a theatrical trailer for a fictional film in which Stanley Kubrick’s classic film The Shining has been artfully transformed into a new, poultryinfused comedy adventure by digitally altering the film to create a new narrative. This new style of filmmaking is a hilarious collision of classic films with modern day visual effects; “Cinegraffiti” — the ultimate neonostalgic visual feast for this digital age.

Visit www.thechickening.net for more information on this insane short film parody of The Shining.