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Box of Dread February (2018)

PRODUCT Subscription Box
COMPANY Box of Dread
THEME Horror
PRICE $24.99 (1 Month), $74.99 (3 Months w/ Free Pin), $134 (6 Months w/ Free Shirt) & $269 (1 Year w/ Free Box) – US Shipping Included
WEBSITE boxofdread.com

DreadCentral’s subscription service that mails you boxes of horror swag from movies, TV & games every month.

Horror news site Dread Central’s horror-themed subscription box, Box of Dread is a lower-priced box with three different price options. Every month they choose a “7th Box” at random worth over $200 in horror items. Each month usually has a general theme, February’s being “The Lodgers” and was curated by Paranormal Activity‘s Oren Peli.

December & January’s “Hatchet” & “Twilight Zone” combined Box of Dread included 2 Zombie posters, Delirium Magazine, signed Exorcist print, 2 Twilight Zone figures, a Twilight Zone graphic novel and 2 Hatchet DVDs.


I believe this is Box of Dread’s first ever T-Shirt and lucky for subscribers it looks fantastic. It’s an Exclusive Design for The Lodgers.





A poster from The Lodgers signed by both director Brian O’Malley and writer & composer David Turpin.





The first film from The Lodgers director Brian O’Malley.


Continuing the paranormal theme, it’s Paranormal Activity by the curator of the box, Oren Peli.


A letter from Paranormal Activity’s Oren Peli who also curated this month’s box. It’s nice to find out information on how and why some of the included items were chosen.




Two high quality items from The Lodgers with the exclusive shirt and signed poster. The Let Us Prey DVD from The Lodgers director and to finish it off, a Paranormal Activity DVD from the box curator. Box of Dread nailed the theme 100%.

For $24.99 including shipping you can’t beat this for horror value.

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Disclosure: A complimentary Box of Dread Subscription Box was given for review purposes. All opinions are my own.