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Sausage Party Is A Lovecraftian Horror

review-sausageparty-1Sausage Party is a Lovecraftian horror film. Yes, you read that correctly. It is a also an R rated comedy animated feature about anthropomorphic food in a supermarket which features the most insensitive and non PC humor I have seen in a film in a long time (honestly, not really since Blazing Saddles has there been a film this non-PC). In short it is a perfect film, if you’re into super raunchy comedies that double as Lovecraftian horror. At this point, now that I have written it twice, you’re probably wondering how is it possible that Sausage Party is Lovecraftian horror.

review-sausageparty-2The basic premise of the film is that these sentient foodstuffs sit around waiting to be chosen by the gods to go to the Great Beyond. Our eponymous hero is selected but things go horribly wrong when a jar of honey mustard, who is stark raving mad after being returned to the store from the Great Beyond, decides to commit suicide rather than face the gods again. From there our hotdog hero, voiced by Seth Rogen, is committed to finding out the true nature of the gods, no matter what that knowledge may end up costing him. There is even a scene where he travels through a frozen wasteland (filled with octopods) to find a book filled with forbidden knowledge. The horrible and horrific truth threatens his existence and the existence of all those he loves, but of course no believes him until it is too late. Add in mentions of a fourth dimension which is where our food is not food but the anthropomorphic beings we are watching on screen and is only accesible to us (the gods) if we are in an altered state and you have a perfect Lovecraftian comedy. Seriously, this is a great film.

review-sausageparty-3There is a lot more I would love to say about the film, but as always I will avoid spoilers. The things I mentioned above are actually well away from spoiler territory and in fact can be gleaned from watching the trailer. Take a closer look, see this one for yourselves and see how great this film is both as a piece of Lovecraftian film and as a seriously fucked and nonstop comedy. I will warn you though, you discover new depths to your depravity as you watch this film. You may be surprised at what you laugh at (as well as the amount of highbrow, intellectual humor which gets mixed in with the lowbrow stuff in this film). In short, if you’re a regular to this site, a regular viewer of MorbidTV or a regular at our screenings this is a film you will probably enjoy.