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Top 10 Tuesday: Weird Zombie Films

This Friday, Morbid Movies is set to unleash the ultimate experience in undead terror as we screen an all-new high resolution transfer of the all-time classic Night of the Living Dead, but before that happens we are going to share some straight zombie weirdness with you for this Top Ten Tuesday. Not all zombie movies are serious affairs and not all of them are straight up “people trapped amidst a siege of the undead” stories either. What follows is a list of my ten favorite weird zombie films.

Honorable Mention, Zombie in a Penguin Suit (2011)

This short film is a strangely emotional and moving affair. It’s just what it says it is, the journey of a zombie in a penguin suit. Short though it is, it should serve nicely as an aperitif to whet our appetite for what follows.

10. Fido (2006)

This movie an absolute delightful coming of age story about a boy and his zombie. The premise, a dystopian Utopia set amidst a post 1950’s apocalypse (Leave It to Beaver by way of Land of the Dead would be my elevator pitch for this one.). Light hearted but filled with biting dark humor this is definitely one to watch.

9. Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead (2006)

I admit it, this is not a zombie flick. It’s an amazing hodgepodge of zany, disgusting over the top gags and ideas that feature what has to be first and only use of a zombie finger as a…. well, you’ll see.

8. Zombeavers (2014)

Beavers become zombies in this madcap film which honestly is not terrible at all. Fun practical special effects and some amazing cheesy gorey gags make this a fun time.

7. Black Sheep (2006)

This is a favorite of mine. Sheep are docile and loving creatures, right? Not in this film. Practical effects by Weta help make this a unique and fun-filled film full of the zombie tropes you know and love but with a baaaaahhhh-rilliant twist.

6. Scouts Guide to the Apocalypse (2015)

I was going to include ZombieLand on this list but that seemed like very low hanging fruit. Instead I give you two films that are in the same hyperkinetic, oddball vein as that masterpiece. This is the first and gives us three friends who are trying to cling to the vestiges of better times while coming to terms with the fact that they are growing up and apart and they are smack dab in the middle of a burgeoning zombie apocalypse. Can they survive the night? Can they save the day? Check it out to find out.

5. Cooties (2014)

Elijah Wood stars as a failed writer turned summer school substitute teacher in this horror comedy. Alongside Rainn Wilson as the badass gym teacher, Wood and his fellow employees must deal with an elementary school full of zombie kids, all thanks to one. Bad. chicken tender.

4. The Serpent and the Rainbow (1988)

A singular experience brought to us by Wes Craven. This film takes us back to the roots of the zombie legend and features Bill Pullman, some awesome dream sequences, and some insane torture techniques. A classic and worth revisiting if you haven’t seen it in a while.

3. House (1986)

Not a zombie film but I have included this because it inspired my first zombie nightmare. There are several nightmarish creatures in this film, but the dead reaching up and dragging a child, a boy my age at the time I saw it first, into the ground was what followed me into my subconscious that evening. I still remember the dream, and I still remember waking up screaming from it. I watched this one recently (I try to watch it once a year) and it held up. A fun time from the director of the Monster Squad.

2. Splinter (2008)

A singular take on the zombie genre this one is a tense film filled with interesting characters trapped in a gas station with a horrible monster trying to get in. Great special effects in this one help put it to the top on the recommendation pile.

1. Slither (2006)

This is my favorite horror movie. I love the nihilistic reality of the zombies in this one, and the throwback to Night of the Creeps that comes with the moment in the film where everyone is infected, well mostly everyone. Nathan Fillion stars in this film that really has a little bit of everything to love in it. Brought to us by the one and only James Gunn.

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