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R.L. Stine Writing For Marvel

news-rlstinemarvel-1R.L. Stine is working with Marvel Comics. That’s right. You read that statement correctly. Now at this point, just two sentences in, you may be rolling your eyes at this article. You may have known it was happening or you haven’t thought of that name since you were reading Goosebumps in fifth grade. “This guy,” you’re thinking. “What could this guy bring to comics? Especially at Marvel?” This, I reply, is great news. The inclusion of Stine into the Marvel Universe is a fantastic move. 

news-rlstinemarvel-2The comics-verse, since the NOW! reboot, has steadily moved into horror territory. Cosmic horror was introduced in the now defunct New Avengers with the inclusion of Moridun (think a giant space wizard who is also Cthulhu), Carnage coming into possession of the Darkhold, and so on and so forth. There are examples that can be mined from many of the current titles and this trend does not look like it is slowing down as Doctor Strange came out strong this past weekend. A Marvel property that definitely held some strong horror trappings, both cosmic and otherwise, topping the box office bodes well that we are on our way to some very strange and wonderful things could come our way as horror fans.

R.L. Stine fits into this model perfectly. He is a talented writer and a creative genius. He’s the man who brought us chills with Goosebumps and Fear Street at a prodigious rate. He was also half of  the creative force that brought us Eureeka’s Castle! Mind blown, right? He will elevate whatever title he is on, and it will most likely have a horror bent to whatever it is. Could it be the new Thor title? Could it Carnage? With his YA background, he could work on the Spider-man title featuring Miles Morales.

news-rlstinemarvel-3My thinking is this though, Stine will be doing something original. In fact, I want to say that Stine will be doing a Darkhold series. It’s perfect for him, anyone who read the the original miniseries can attest to this. That run was a small scale horror book that featured regular folks fighting unspeakable evil that sometimes intersected with the lives and paths of established superheroes like the Midnight Sons, Blade or Ghost Rider. A Darkhold title would allow Stine to tell anthology-styled stories while deepening the mythology and horror of the current iteration of the Marvel NOW! (2.0) universe.

Whatever the case is, I cannot wait until we have more news to report. In the meantime let the speculation run rampant.

Doctor Strange (2016)


That was the single word I was able to utter after leaving last night’s press screening of Marvel’s latest offering, Doctor Strange.


One word that perfectly encapsulates the experience that is  Doctor Strange. Seriously, Marvel has topped itself once again and put together a film that is rich in everything from philosophy to VFX.

The story Dr. Stephen Strange, a brilliant neurosurgeon, who destroys his hands after wrecking his car while attempting to work and drive at high speeds in his fancy car. He wakes in the hospital to find his life irreparably changed: A man who could pluck a bullet from a man’s head with ease one day, now finds himself unable to hold a pen. A man who everyone revered for his talent and skill, but hated for his arrogance and aloofness, now finds himself only receiving pity as they look upon his broken shell. What is a man like this to do? Stripped of everything he once knew, he chases every cure he can but finds nothing. Finally Strange heads East and finds not only a way back to what he once knew but the key to power unimaginable and worlds far stranger and more beautiful than anything he had known before.

This is as much as I feel like giving away, plot wise. So here is the rundown of what you can expect while watching this film:

-The acting is top notch and tremendous. Mad Mikkelson absolutely chews up the screen as the villain. Tilda Swinton is perfect as The Ancient, an ancient androgynous magician who has spent lifetimes saving the world from terrible futures. Cumberbatch is Dr. Strange. That’s all you need to know about him. Like RDJ and Iron Man or Hemsworth and Thor, Cumberbatch IS Dr. Strange. The casting was perfect. Rounding off the cast, Chitwetel Ejlofor, Rachel McAdams and Benedict Wong are also great.

-The philosophy at the heart of the film is deep and interesting. How does one live in the shadow of death? That is the question that this film tries to answer. I think it did an excellent job, but your mileage may vary. There is, I think, a discussion that should, and could, take place about the philosophical underpinnings of the MCU and the film that really cracks this open is Strange. That is an article for a different time, or feel free to sound off on Facebook or the comments section below.

-The VFX in this film, and the ideas that they represent will blow you away. Seriously, you have never seen concepts like time and space manipulated like this. Films like The Matrix, Avatar, and Inception paved the way for this but director Scott Derrickson has managed to create a vision unlike anything I have seen before with this film.

-The movie plays like a horror movie. Yet another reason to go and see it. There is horror here, both visceral and cosmic. This is the film where the MCU introduces their multiverse, and magic, and we find out that there are things lurking outside of time and space that make Thanos look insignificant by comparison. It also brings a tremendous amount of humor to the proceedings. I read that Dan Harmon was brought in to tweak and add some material to the film, his darker brand of humor is on display here. The balance between adventure and action, horror and wonder, bleakness and humor is perfect.

So should you go and see this film? Yes. It is the best Marvel property to come to us since Guardians of the Galaxy. Like that film, it is wholly unique and original and absolutely necessary viewing. Oh, and make sure you see it in the biggest format that you can. IMAX 3D if possible.