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Serial Killer Shop T-Shirts (The Shining)

Serial Killer Shop specializes in Limited Edition Horror Tees but also includes True Crime and even Comedy designs.

They were nice enough to let us choose some products to review so we picked out two shirts based on The Shining, ‘Here’s Johnny’ and ‘Come Play With Us’.


The ‘Here’s Johnny’ shirt features a large print of Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance bursting through the doors of the Overlook Hotel. It’s a pretty menacing and iconic look and captured quite well as a shirt.

The ‘Come Play With Us’ shirt features a large print of The Shining’s Creepy twins on the front and a large dark bloody title on the back of the shirt. The artwork for the twins is fantastic, the blank faces give it an extra layer of creepy.


Serial Killer Shop’s shirts are printed with a water based ink that soaks into the shirt instead of being screened on top of it. The design remains bright without making the shirt uncomfortable to wear because of the thickness of the print.

The shirts themselves are a light-weight pre-shrunk 90% cotton blend.


Serial Killer Shop included some pretty awesome bonus items with the order. Large stickers from American Psycho and Friday the 13th and a pair of magnets with the American Psycho design and Freddy Krueger.




Both shirts are well designed and high quality prints. If you’re looking for exclusive limited run horror and crime shirts, i’d recommend checking out Serial Killer Shop.

Visit Serial Killer Shop at serialkillershop.com and follow them on FacebookInstagram,  & Twitter.

Disclosure: Complimentary T-Shirts were given for review purposes. All opinions are my own.