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A Lovecraftian Prediction for American Horror Story Season 6

article-american-horror-story-1American Horror Story: Hotel is over, and it is time for conjecture. What will the next season be about? Where there any hints in the season? Yes. I think so.

Though I am probably completely off base and wrong, I think the next season of AHS will deal with all things Lovecraftian. There I said it. What makes me think this? There is a scene near the end of the series in which the Ten Commandments Killer comes across a group people who look to be Satanists. However when they greet him, the leader of the group speaks of the Old Gods.

article-american-horror-story-2He says,”Know that the Old Gods are not dead, they are waiting to be awakened.”

Couple that line with the fact that show creator Ryan Murphy recently said that the show would be split between two timelines. I cannot think of a more Lovecraftian way to frame the show. Lovecraft’s work often dealt with multiple time periods. His present day protagonists forced to deal with the sins of their ancestors, which they found about through journals or diaries left stashed in some obscure cubby hole.

article-american-horror-story-3That dynamic could easily translate and allow for some very interesting storytelling choices, so could the themes of Lovecraft’s work which, as have been pointed out by many authors recently as they tried to have his likeness removed, often had undercurrents and overtones of racism, xenophobia, anti-semitism and homophobia. AHS has often dealt with similar thematic material in years past.

article-american-horror-story-4So I am calling it now. Next season will be big and sprawling and decidedly Lovecraftian, probably dealing with a present day protagonist as he or she inherits a New England ancestors property and discovers that some very messed up stuff went down there, they will of course have to deal with the ramifications of those events as they come to a head in some potentially reality-shattering denouement. Add some old school mad science in for fun and I think it would be the best season of AHS yet.

So how about it, fellow Morbid Movie-goers? Ready for AHS:Lovecraft*?

*Or maybe AHS:Providence… either works for me.