The Visit (2015)

thevisit-1Ever feel like you are getting old? Or know someone is already elderly or you might even treat yourself as an old person? Do you blame their quirky behavior or twitches on “they’re just old” or “that is what old people do normally”? This movie will make you judge all elderly people in a whole new light.

thevisit-2The film begins as a couple of kids trying to mend an old family wound and dealing with divorce of their parents via video documentary. They are meeting their Grandparents for the first time ever. When we first meet Pop-pop and Nana they seem okay but shortly they start behaving oddly. During the daytime they are mildly okay but when 9:30pm comes around keep the door closed. Not matter what you hear behind the door.

thevisit-3This movie isn’t like other horror movies; mixed in with the terror there are light spots in the film where the kids are goofing around with the family farm. Overall this is a great movie for those who don’t like hardcore horror films but still scary enough for everyone to enjoy the entire film.