Final Enigma Haunt Scare Actor Casting

This is our LAST casting event for Enigma Haunt Scare Actors. Be a part of the fastest growing haunt in the world! Voted #1 Must See Haunt in Florida, #2 Must See in the USA Via The Scare Factor. Nominated top 20 Haunts in America via USA TODAY (Currently Ranked 5 out of 20).

First year actors are VOLUNTEER! We seek the people truly in it for the SCARES! There are a ton of incentives, and chances to make life long friends!

16 + years old. If under 16 send us a message!

THIS Wed at 7PM!!

Wednesday, September 7th
Enigma Haunt
1751 N. Military Trail, Boca Raton, FL 33486


16+ Years old. (message us for details if you are younger)
Fill out our online application:


  • What are we? Enigma Haunt is a Haunted Attraction. 19,000+ sq feet of indoor haunts.

  • Do we get paid? First year actors are VOLUNTEER – Why? We want to weed out the people that are in it just for the $$$, we want those true scare actors that thrive for the scare. Returning actors the following years are offered a paid position.

  • Can I do makeup or security? We already have a full time makeup team, but still message us you’re interested! Same with Security, just send us a message!

  • Do we have to work a certain amount of days?
    NO! You choose your schedule! Visit enigmahaunt.hauntscheduler.comfor the list of days we are open.


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