Enigma Haunt Casting Call

There are TWO days for casting. Saturday at 7pm. Sunday at 3pm. Feel free to comment which day your coming.

We are looking for people with the desire to scare the crap out of random people!

TWO DIFFERENT DAYS! Saturday or Sunday. —
Our first casting call for this year! We have two options just incase you can’t make it!
July 30th at 7pm OR July 31st at 3pm

Fear not, there will be more casting calls in August if you can’t make it this weekend! But why waste time to get into the fun? Costumes not mandatory, but certainly optional.


16+ Years old. (message us for details if you are younger)
Fill out our online application: https://enigmahaunt.hauntscheduler.com/default.aspx


  • What are we? Enigma Haunt is a Haunted Attraction. 19,000+ sq feet of indoor haunts.
  • Do we get paid? First year actors are VOLUNTEER – Why? We want to weed out the people that are in it just for the $$$, we want those true scare actors that thrive for the scare. Returning actors the following years are offered a paid position.
  • Can I do makeup or security? We already have a full time makeup team, but still message us you’re interested! Same with Security, just send us a message!
  • Do we have to work a certain amount of days?
    NO! You choose your schedule! Visit enigmahaunt.hauntscheduler.com for the list of days we are open.

We offer incentives! Great friends – many year round parties – trips – and much more.

For more information visit the Enigma Haunt Scare Actor casting event page at facebook.com/events/1486351301390557.