Watch Episode 1 of Robert Kirkman’s OUTCAST

For those of you with eyes and a love for exorcism as a subgenre of horror, you should probably turn your gaze to Outcast. The comic, created by Robert Kirkman, has steadily proved to be a unique take on the idea of exorcism. The comic was optioned by Cinemax and developed into a series set to debut on June 3.

OUTCAST follows Kyle Barnes, a young man who has been plagued by possession since he was a child. Now an adult, he embarks on a journey to find answers but what he uncovers could mean the end of life on Earth as we know it.

The description also serves to describe the comic. I highly recommend giving it read, there are trades collecting the series available now. However the mention of the television show may have piqued the interest of some of you and that is where today’s REAL news comes in.

Cinemax is confident in their product, and after seeing the first episode I can see why. Yes, I have seen the first episode and so can you! Check it out below and enjoy: