Happy Death Day Hits $100 Million Worldwide

Blumhouse’s original slasher film Happy Death Day has hit $100 million dollars world wide ($55.5 domestic). Pretty impressive considering the budget was less than $5 million. Happy Death Day is also the first original slasher to do over $25 million domestic since 1998’s Urban Legends.

With the year coming to an end and the numbers starting to fall into place, it’s looking like 2017 was a great year for horror in general at the box office.

Top Grossing Horror Films of 2017 (Worldwide & Domestic)

  1. It $688,000,000 ($326,900,00 Domestic)
  2. The Mummy $409,100,000 ($80,100,000 Domestic)
  3. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter $312,200,000 ($268,000 Domestic)
  4. Annabelle: Creation $305,800,000 ($102,100,000 Domestic)
  5. Split $278,300,000 ($138,000,000 Domestic)
  6. Get Out $254,100,0 ($175,500,000 Domestic)
  7. Happy Death Day $100,100,000 ($55,500,000 Domestic)
  8. Jigsaw $89,800,000 ($36,800,000 Domestic)
  9. Rings $83,100,000 ($27,800,000 Domestic)
  10. Underworld: Blood Wars $81,100,000 ($30,400,000 Domestic)

Looking at the box office numbers tells us a few interesting things. First off who would’ve thought Tom Cruise’s Mummy would do so well overseas? But still not well enough for Universal to move forward with it’s “Dark Universe” plans.

Of the Top 10 grossing films only 3 of them were originals (Split, Get Out & Happy Death Day). The connecting factor between these three original films is the fact they were all productions of Blumhouse. Simply put, Blumhouse turns low budget horror films into blockbusters like nobody else.

Looking onto the future, could Happy Death Day’s surprise success lead to a renaissance of low budget slasher films? Will the mega blockbuster It remake lead to even more remakes? Either way, 2017 has proven horror still makes Hollywood ridiculous amounts of money.