Blood & Gourd Kickstarter

Halloween isn’t over, my friends! It lives and bleeds in the pages of Blood & Gourd!

As some of you may hopefully already be aware, the Kickstarter campaign for the 3rd issue of Dead Peasant’s Blood & Gourd comic series is already well underway! Series creator Jenz K. Lund, Blood & Gourd #3: Children of the Vine looks to once more transport readers to Henderson Farms, site of an annual pumpkin festival and grower’s contest, but now home to an assault from an army of gourds vine-ripened in the fiery gardens of Hell. Oh, and there’s a gigantic pumpkin deity, affectionately named “The Gourdfather”. He’s kinda important!

Returning for the 3rd issue are colorist Fran Gamboa (Spirit HuntersSatan’s Hollow and Tales of Terror for Zenescope) and letterer JC Ruiz. However, joining the crew for this 3rd outing is penciller Jonas Scharf. Scharf is a highly talented artist whose work you may know from genre-friendly titles, such as Boom! Studio’s War for the Planet of the Apes and Waxwork’s recently released House of Waxwork.

For those souls unfortunate enough to have missed out on the 1st 2 issues of pumpkin-chunkin’, pitchfork pokin’, head chompin’ mayhem and excitement, Blood & Gourd starts on a farm in Washington (state) that is holding its annual Pumpkin Festival on the night before Halloween. Devil’s Night.

The festival features corn mazes, pumpkin carving contests, and even a ribbon ceremony for the season’s largest gourd. The farm’s owners, old cantankerous Vern and his daughter Kitty, are also preparing to hand the farm over to investors from the enigmatic Seminal Chemicals, who have purchased the dying farm as part of a buyout. Seminal Chemicals is led by the equally enigmatic “Mr. Pleasant”, whose sinister nature more than belies his given moniker.

The event is already in full swing when things begin to go quickly and seriously awry. With no warning, the pumpkins have come to life… and have started attacking the attendees. Pumpkins begin to catapult through the air, brandishing sharp teeth that sink into the juicy heads of the unfortunate holiday reveler that they land on. Soon, vines rustle to life and merge with the festival’s “prize-winning” largest pumpkin to take the shape of a gigantic humanoid creature, the Gourdfather. The 1st issue ends with a “BANG”!! No, literally. Something blows up.

The 2nd issue opens with a little backstory on how the pumpkin uprising may have originated, before picking back up where the 1st issue ended. The pumpkins are still attacking the farm and its guests. The parking lot has turned into a death trap, as cars crash into each other and some folks even become “speed bumps”. Those staying behind to fight are causing just as much damage, what with stray bullets hitting and killing some of those attempting to flee.

Kitty and a group of survivors attempt to make their way to the safety of her farmhouse, fighting their way through the farm’s corn maze with whatever can be used as a weapon. Meanwhile, a separate group of survivors take their chances in the woods surrounding the farm. Before the issue ends, a few small pieces in Seminal’s grand scheme are revealed, as is the grim fate of those unfortunately “pumpkin-headed” during the assault.

Will Kitty and her group survive the corn maze? Will those in the woods meet a worse fate? What about those poor bastards still trying to escape the parking lot? What evils await in the basement of Seminal’s headquarters? Do those “changed” by the pumpkins now reek of pumpkin spice? Why the Hell are you asking me? Become a backer for Blood & Gourd #3- Children of the Vine and find out for yourself!

As with most crowd-funded projects, you’re probably interested in knowing what is available as “perks” for backing. As expected, physical and digital copies of each issue in the series are available. Signed copies, poster prints, t-shirts, stickers, pins, signed artwork, your name on the issue’s “Thank You” page, and even the proud claim of having your likeness killed off in the issue!!! As of this writing the campaign has reached it’s funding with just under 2 weeks left in the campaign.

However, that doesn’t mean that your help and support are no longer needed. Hell, maybe if they hit 200% of their goal we will see issue #4 published as well. Feel the panic and chaos of Halloween all year ’round with Blood & Gourd! For full details, visit or visit the following links.

Twitter: @bloodandgourd