Plans Underway For Next Event Thanks to Success of Battle Royale Screening

Battle Royale Cosplayers

Morbid Movies first ever event, the Battle Royale 15th Anniversary screening on April 22nd was a huge success. After selling out the 90 seats the day of the event the Movies of Lake Worth moved the screening to it’s larger auditorium. Nearly 80 fans showed up to see the controversial Japanese movie with their fellow fans of cult classic films. Movies of Lake Worth went out of it’s way to make sure everything went smoothly. If you have any pictures from the Battle Royale Screening, tag them with the #MORBIDMOVIES hashtag on social media!

Screening moved to larger auditorium

Plans for the next screening are well underway and hopefully I can make a bigger announcement in the next week. The screening will be in June at the Movies of Lake Worth and i’m working directly with the theater to make our next event an even bigger success. With how much we enjoyed the theater, there’s a good chance it’ll be the home of the majority of our future screenings.

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Thanks again for supporting cult classics and horror movies in Palm Beach County!

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who came out to last night’s 15th Anniversary Battle Royale screening at Movies of Lake Worth! Thanks to everyone our first event was a huge success and we plan to do more soon! I’d also like to give out some special thanks to the people this couldn’t have happened without. Marc Ferman of Popcorn Nights for convincing me to do this in the first place. Rhian Magnificent, Erik Johnson & Salvatore Ciano for jumping on board with this when it was just an idea. I think Rhian might’ve been more excited about this than I was. Tugg, Inc. and my rep Marissa for setting things up. Staci Sturrock of The Palm Beach Post, your awesome article brought enough positive attention to make sure this happened. Abel Folgar at New Times Broward Palm Beach for a great article on what we’re trying to do. I’d like to thank our first sponsor Ink Link Tattoos & Piercings for being the first to support a brand new event. And businesses like Poutine Dog Cafe & Pizza Girls for sharing the event with their customers. Thank you to Movies Of Lake Worth for being awesome hosts. Your staff made us feel at home and as comfortable as possible. Larry the projectionist was also fantastic making sure everything went as smooth as possible. Brass Monkey Tavern Lake Worth for taking care of our post-event hangout and combining all the tables for us. A big thank you to folks like Dustin Fallon, Michael A Myers, Billy Hart, Erica Andrus, Bobby Hollywood, Harriett Branch, Jessica Allen, Scott Schlazer and plenty more who couldn’t make it but still helped get the word out because they believed in it. Thank you all and anyone that I forgot!

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