Morbid TV Streaming Cult & Horror 24/7

We’re happy to announce the newest expansion of Morbid Movies…
the launch of Morbid TV at!

Morbid TV is a 24/7 FREE streaming channel of Cult Classic & Horror Movies and Trailers where you can also chat with like-minded weirdos! This is just the beginning for Morbid TV, with plans for ORIGINAL & LIVE programming!

If you have cult classic, grindhouse or horror film related videos that you would like shown on Morbid TV, shoot us an email at! Or let us know what you would like to see!

The very first movie shown at 5AM EST today was of course the George A. Romero zombie classic, Night of the Living Dead. I couldn’t think of a better movie to capture the spirit of what we’re going for with our new channel.

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