Morbid TV Is Looking For Horror Short Films & Videos

Morbid TV, the newly launched FREE 24/7 streaming horror channel is accepting submissions of short films and horror-related videos!

Homemade movies, reviews, haunted houses, film location exploration, costuming, conventions, etc. are all welcome! The only request is keep it related to cult classic movies, grindhouse, Kaiju or horror.

If you have something you would like shown or have any suggestions, send an email to! Please include any credits or links you would want mentioned in our upcoming “This Week on Morbid TV” posts!

Also, don’t forget that special programming kicks off this Thursday at Midnight EST with Rotten Reviews from Tallahassee’s own Trash Cinema Collective!


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2 thoughts on “Morbid TV Is Looking For Horror Short Films & Videos”

  1. Flowers for the DEAD a super 8 film by Joe Barbarisi
    a tribute/salute to the original ‘Night of the Living Dead’ shot in the NOTLD original Cemetery Locations in Evans City PA (also shot in Westwood and Ridgewood NJ) This film was made the old school way with silent Tri-X Reversal Super 8 movie cameras and dubbed recorded audio. This short ‘Living Dead’ Film was to a selected to a few Film Festivals and was selected for Best Audience Short winner at the Macabre Film Festival @ Parafest convention in Bethlehelm PA in September 2013 and selected for the Living Dead Film Festival in Willow Springs IL and again at Macabre Faire film Festival in Rockville Center NY January 2014 and the Mascara & Popcorn Film Festival in Montreal Aug 2014..
    This film was originally shot for fun by friends and family members on Summer/Fall weekends and became bigger as we moved on..i wanted to get out of this film are those old feelings i got as a kid going into those Haunted House/Horror Carnival rides..only it takes place in a cemetery where you need to find your way out as the Living Dead close in on a tribute/homage to the original Night of the Living Dead i had the pleasure of having Charles Craig be the radio announcer in the film as he did being the radio/TV announcer for Night of the Living Dead over 40 years ago
    film stars Linda Fiordelisi,Lisa Pelcer,Joe Barbarisi,Richard Moschella,Cristina Gil and the voice of Charles Craig as ‘Steven Wayne’
    Music by The Illusion Fades original score by Seven Strangers
    produced by Phenia Films directed by Joe Barbarisi
    39min Super 8 B&W

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