Top 10 Tuesday: Christmas Monsters

So here we are, on the wrong side of the cold weather and fast approaching another sweltering, green Christmas. Fear not though! We here at Morbid Movies are committed to bringing you all the thrills and chills we can summon up, guaranteed to give you goosebumps as we close out the Christmas season!

There are creatures out there in the wilderness, in the frozen wilds. They lurk and loom, stalk and strike, snatch and steal, stealing through the trees and slipping into your homes late at night. We know of one of these horrifying creatures—though for some reason we celebrate his comings and goings—and that would be Santa Claus and his army of creepy spies. There are others out there though, in the cold and the dark and it is time that you knew of them. Here the ten fiercest beasties of the Yuletide season:

10. The Nisse

That sound? That low skittering in the walls or the roof? Is it rats? Or something else? While we know them as Santa’s little helpers but these are the feral cousins to those chaps. The Nisse, with the small pointed hats, sharp teeth and wooden shoes resemble lawn gnomes but have a penchant for punishing the lazy and killing thieves. They are highly dangerous if not treated with the proper respect. Leave a bowl of gruel or rice pudding in your home (year round if possible) to placate the little fellows.

9. Perchta

You may, in the forest, come across a beautiful woman in a gleaming white dress. She is kind and caring and loving. You offer her food and shelter from the cold and she rewards you with a smile and a coin made of rare metal. When you wake in the morning she is gone. Your lazy neighbor is missing, there are signs of a struggle and cloven prints in the snow. This is Perchta, the dual natured spirit of the forest. One of her personalities is the lady in white, full of serenity and love, and the other is twisted horned beast—hungering for those properly seasoned with sin and made fat with laziness, a true yuletide feast.

8. The Gloso

Avoid graveyards at night in general, but you must especially avoid them during Christmas-time lest you come across the Gloso, a huge boar that haunts the graveyard, scouring it for food and offerings. If you see this beast, you are likely to already be dead. If the beast’s razor back isn’t enough to cut you to ribbons, it’s likely that you’ll have to make offerings to it for the rest of your life or you may find it under your dining room table one Christmas Eve.

7. Yule Cat

A large black cat, half as big as a house, that stalks the forest looking for the laziest, easiest prey it can find. Make sure to keep your fire stoked and your house sealed up tight, as the cat will spend the evening trying to gain entrance to your domicile.

6. Stallo

A mindless, spirit or golem that delivers presents. If you feed and water the Stallo, you will be rewarded. The Stallo is always thirsty, always. If you fail to slake that thirst with water upon its entrance to your home, it will drink the brain right out your head and when it is done with you,well you get the idea…always thirsty and all that.

5. Saint Lucy

Strange things fly across the sky at night during the Yuletide season. Saint Lucy is a demon, Lussi, who scours the night with an entourage of demons masquerading as old men. They search for misbehaving children out at night. Seeing Lussi and her band of merry men is rumored to have driven even the bravest man mad.

4. The Wild Hunt

The first of two groups to roam the night sky during the Christmas season. Led by Odin himself, the Wild Hunt is a gathering of monsters and gods like no other. They raid homes and farms, looking for food. If they find none, they will take the family instead! The feasts are legendary in their wantonness and debauchery, but those who have attended either never return or come back stark raving

3. Hans Trapp

Hans haunts the fields and farm lands disguised as a scarecrow. He waits for the unwary to wander by and snatches them up, feasting on their flesh. His hunger increases tenfold around Christmas time and it seems like his favorite snack is, well, those irascible and naughty children.

2. Gryla

A gigantic troll witch who lives in a cave in the forest. She and her family, including the Yule Cat, hunt during the Yuletide season. They gather up as many naughty children as possible and store them away to make stew later. Legend has it that Gryla and her clan never ever run out of stew.

1. Krampus

Scouring the countryside for niaghty children, we have all heard of Krampus. Not much needs to be said here, he snatches them and takes them back to his lair to properly punish them, generally through acts of torture befitting the magnitude of naughtiness ascribed to the child in question.

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