Short Film Preview: Unbearing

In Unbearing, a new short film from director Aidan Weaver, a babysitter accepts a last-minute job offer, only to learn of the family’s dark secret. Unbearing is produced by Jennifer Trudrung of Night Frizz Productions, who also co-stars in the film along side Mary Katherine O’Donnell, Reginal Heinish, and Jenna Goforth.

As previously stated, a young woman accepts a babysitting gig for a couple planning their first night out of the house since the birth of their baby boy. It’s very obvious from their mannerisms and body-language that the couple are uncomfortable with the idea of leaving their child alone with a stranger, or even just being away from the child for an extended period. The mother (Trudrung) much more noticeably so, as is commonly the case with new mothers. This feeling is even vocalized by the couple, although their behavior seems to say more than their words.

The parents advise the sitter that they won’t be gone for very long, and that the child is in his crib peacefully sleeping. They seem quite certain that the child will stay asleep while they are out, even going so far as to tell the sitter that the child will not be in need of feeding or changing in their absence.

The parents leave and the evening goes by quite uneventfully, the baby monitor continuously emitting the sound of the child snoring peacefully. To help pass some time, the sitter decides to Facetime a friend of hers. The friend tells her that she is familiar with the area of town in which the sitter is working due to her own sister having previously babysat for a couple that lived in the same area. The friend’s description sounds suspiciously like this particular couple. However, the next piece of information that the friend reveals raises the sitter’s curiosity, as well as her suspicions that things just aren’t right.

Unbearing recently won the Audience Choice Award at the Women in Horror Film Festival, as well as the Special Jury Award at Sick Chick Flicks Film Festival. It was also recently voted runner-up in the Best Thriller category at the Dragon Con International Film Festival. However, despite the numerous awards that it is winning in the “horror” category, there is undeniably some heavy dramatic tones carrying through Unbearing, tones that I truly hope that most viewers can not personally relate to.

Unbearing is still making the rounds on the convention circuit, so be sure to check it out if it shows in your area. For more information of Unbearing, as well as other films from Night Frizz Productions, be sure to follow their Facebook page at