What is Morbid Movies?

In 2005 West Palm Beach’s historic Carefree Theater permanently closed it’s doors because of extensive and costly hurricane damage. With the theater gone we lost it’s weekly Rocky Horror Picture Show and a place that was open to taking chances on showing cult classic and horror films on a regular basis. 10 years later and the Carefree’s doors remained closed. The few smaller theaters in the area cater to a much older crowd.

The goal of Morbid Movies is to change that. Our purpose is to bring cult classic films and horror movies to Palm Beach County.  Morbid Movies plans on proving to the local theaters that an audience for these types of films exists.


Exclusive, one-night only screenings of cult classic films and horror movies in the West Palm Beach & Lake Worth area of Palm Beach County, Florida.

I’m currently in the process of setting up our first event, a 30th Anniversary screening of The Return of the Living Dead. There will be more details within the next week or so on the final location and date so please make sure to follow our social feeds and sign up for the Mailing List.

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Also, I know we’ve just gotten started but i’d like to say thank you to everyone who has shown support and gotten excited about Morbid Movies. It’s much appreciated and we’ll need that excitement and support to make sure this happens.