Fright Nights South Florida Fairgrounds Houses for 2016

It’s almost that time of the year again… Halloween! The closer we get to Halloween also means it’s time for Haunted House season. Our friends at Fright Nights at the South Florida Fairgrounds recently unveiled the theme of this year’s 4 houses… Doll Factory, Pestilence, Sunnyville & Pestilence.

Gears grind as production at the Doll Factory lurches forward with a sole purpose: the creation of maniacal porcelain demons for distribution into the unsuspecting world. They live in the toy boxes and closets and they sleep under your children’s beds. The dolls are bent for blood and thrive on your fear, reflected back to you through their empty glassy eyes.

The Russian ship “The Demeter” washed ashore from a sudden and violent storm with its foreign passenger Count Orlok. After some time, the townsfolk began to wonder if he was to blame for the Black Death ravaging the land. The rats continued to spread the disease and within days the plague doctors took over the city to rid it of the infected. While the stench of burning flesh still hanging in the air from the pyres, the reign of Nosferatu was about to begin. The town could not prepare for the terror about to unfold.

The Dry Fork Mines closed in 1954 after an explosion ripped through the deep caverns. Hundreds of miners lost their lives in the calamity, their bodies were never recovered. 62 years later, the ML Mining Corporation has plans to reopen the site, hoping to attract jobs and commerce to the now economically depressed area. The team of miners and scientists sent in to assess the safety and viability of the mines reported seeing strange organisms before losing communication topside. Your job is to recover that team – dead or alive.

Vb-sunnyvilleThrough the entrance, the smell of stale soot arises from the ground. Walls plastered with decades of muck. The eerie laughing of children bouncing down the hallways. Abandoned classrooms remaining as time capsules. Lights flicker throughout the war-torn building. Daylight fading quickly through the windows. As night approaches, the children’s voices grow louder. Eyes following every step taken. A spine tingling chill runs its course…

In addition to the four announced houses there will be TWO “Escape Rooms”. The Smiths Freak Show and Outbreak. We’ll let you know about them as soon as more info is released!

After getting a peek at the new houses I have to say i’m personally psyched to check out Pestilence.  I dig the setting and the plague doctors look great and the unexpected addition of Nosferatu? Yes!

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