Enigma Haunt 2016

enigma-haunt-cult-roomThe portal is open once more as the Enigma Haunt in Boca Raton, now in its fifth year, is welcoming sacrifices  guests to explore its twisted realities.

Haunt owners Billy and Karen Groeneveld and their staff spent months retooling and reimagining

the haunt and the result is spectacular. There are several new additions to the attraction this year, which now offers three haunted dimensions. They are:

enigma-haunt-pandemicPandemic– in which Jedidiah has managed to free himself from the confines of the Realms of Terror to carve a place in the Everglades for his family to thrive and survive amidst a zombie apocalypse.

Into Oblivion– where last year this was an exercise in wandering about in the purest stygian darkness, this year terrifying and fierce creatures—luminescent and spectral— wander the depths and chase you through the depths. When you eventually escape them, you’ll wander frantically through the blackest night in a desperate bid to escape.

Realms of Terror– this is jumble of new and old. There were slimy creatures in dark places, cults and stranger rituals, all manner of foulness and clowns. We mustn’t ever forget about the clowns.

Enigma is family owned and operated and was opened by Billy and Karen Groeneveld four years ago. Enigma actually got its start 17 years ago as a small home haunt whose scale swelled to proportions far too large for the couple to keep under wraps.

“The haunt kept getting bigger each year,” said Billy. “It was out of control. I was drilling into bannisters in the house, we had actors and there was a lot of set-up and tear-down for just a weekend. We talked about it and decided to make a go of it.”

This year, the haunt has increased the number of actors they employ to more than 100 and more than forty percent of those are returning actors. There are 80 positions that they fill each night.

Even more exciting is that the Groenevelds managed to retain the talents of a F/X artist who was a former contestant on FaceOff, a show on the SyFy channel that pits promising make-up and special effects artists against one another for a phenomenal grand prize.

There is a reason this haunt made the top slot in several lists of must-see-haunted-attractions, the quality and showmanship is unmatched in South Florida.

Safety is also paramount to those involved with the haunt.

The interior is completely fireproof, night vision cameras are mounted every few feet and the actors communicate via a closed system of walkie talkies. It is also mandated by the Groenevelds that all actors and employees take a minimum of two safety training courses each year.

The end result is that each and every haunt was designed in such a way that people going through, though faced with the illusion of danger, will be perfectly safe.

enigma-haunt-ottoThe haunt will be open tonight for Halloween until MIDNIGHT. Doors open at 7 pm. 

Admission is $25 for either haunt or $35 for the Triple Terror. We can recommend spending an extra $15 though and upgrading to the RIP package for $50.

A portion of all proceeds goes to the Don’t Be A Monster bullying prevention campaign.